Praying the News:
Your Prayers are More Powerful
than You Know

Watching or reading the news is an opportunity ó an opportunity to give in to fear and despair, or an opportunity to make a difference!

In Praying the News, concerned readers will find a practical guide to discovering the power, joy and peace of partnering with God. Veteran news reporters Wendy Griffith and Craig von Buseck offer an unvarnished assessment of the media as well as a comprehensive biblical plan for effective, world-changing prayer. They tell behind-the-scenes stories not only of effective prayer for the news but also stories of their intercession while reporting the news. Bad news is no match for the Good News of Godís kingdom!

Ms. Griffith and Mr. von Buseck collected stories and anecdotes from people in the media business to illustrate their themes in this book. I contributed a humorous anecdote from a conversation I had in a prayer circle while I was working for Dow Jones, the publisher of The Wall Street Journal.