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Make It, Shake It, Mix It Up

"I'm a second grade teacher at a Christian school. My second graders love the activities and can't wait to do the next one each week. And the products used are cheap." -- Pam C., Levittown, PA,

"Great summer Bible study resource... the kids loved it, the supplies were simple to get, and the variety of experiments fit all the ages in my group! Great resource!" -- Amazon reviewer Paul Veach

Make It, Shake It, Mix It Up

In this book, you'll find 44 simple science activities for elementary school children paired with stories of the Christian faith. Make these timeless stories come alive with activities that require nothing more than household materials. Each lesson includes a materials list, directions and an explanation of the science. No science background needed!

Each activity page contains a passage from the Bible and a lesson that teaches the characteristics parents strive to build into their children: faith, patience, generosity, gratitude, courage and perseverance, for example. The science activity includes a materials list and step-by-step instructions. The science behind the activity is explained in language that your elementary-school child can understand.

Many of the activities result in something a child can display or play with, such as a drum, a pinhole camera, a mummy, 3D glasses and invisible ink. Others are meant to elicit an "ahhhhh!" or an "ewwwwww!" reaction -- explosions and smelly socks will do the trick!

While trying out activities for the book, I soon realized that not all science experiments turn out the way they are billed, or are just not that interesting. So I chose my activities carefully, including only those that had appeal and worked every time I did them. I spent a lot of time in my "kitchen lab," so that the kinks were all worked out. I know science is all about experimentation, but at this age, children can become discouraged when their attempts are not rewarded. They have many years ahead of them to discover that truth!