Praise for
How We Did It

"We're wrestling with an obesity crisis today, and the answer isn't as simple as eat less--move more. Losing weight and keeping it off is a process of embracing change that is powered by support and motivation. In these real stories of real success, you'll find ideas for making food and exercise choices, as well as the motivation to make these changes."
--Gary Heavin, founder and CEO of Curves International Inc.

"Nancy Kennedy has put together a smorgasbord of weight loss success stories and the paths people took to success. Inspirational, educational, and well-written, this book is a must read! Get ready to be inspired to action!"
--John M. Rowley, bestselling author of The Power of Positive Fitness, speaker, TV & radio personality, and Peak Performance Expert

"Nancy Kennedy's book is innovative and inspirational for anyone dealing with food and weight issues, as she skillfully explores the various weight loss programs and tells these personal stories of success. What a great resource for navigating a maze of options! "
--Judy Wardell Halliday, founder of Thin Within Ministries

"The success stories in How We Did It are inspirational and it's loaded with information that can help you succeed, too. The book underscores what I've always believed about weight loss--you can do it, if you do what it takes!"
--Allison Bottke, bestselling author of God Allows U-Turns and the Setting Boundaries series, including Setting Boundaries with Food

"We are all different, and saying that one approach to weight loss is "best" is like saying strawberry is the "best" ice cream flavor. What works for me may not work for you. Nancy Kennedy has written a superb guide for those searching for their unique weight management tool. With entertaining and engrossing stories, she explores the ins and outs of common weight loss programs and paves the way for you to write your own success story. How We Did It is your first step in finding motivation and proven strategies in your quest to get healthy."
--J. Ron Eaker, MD, author of Healthy Habits for Fit Families and A Woman's Guide to Hormone Health

I'm in the book!

How We Did It: Weight Loss Choices That Will Work for You!

How We Did It:
Weight Loss Choices that Will Work
for You

Inspiring stories of weight loss success
(Leafwood, 2011)

Do you feel trapped in a body you no longer recognize as your own? Do you long to return to a healthy body weight, but you just don't know where to begin?

In my book, How We Did It, I explore the many different paths to health and fitness. Too often, weight loss is considered a one-size-fits-all proposition. Diet gurus du jour tout their plan as the only path to success. Not true!

In How We Did It, I interview more than two dozen people who succeeded in a variety of healthy ways, whether using a well-known plan or a plan of their own making. From Atkins to the Zone, people have succeeded, and you can, too. Whether you have 20 pounds or 220 pounds to lose, you'll find a kindred spirit in this book. With their help, you'll find the inspiration and the information you need to start your journey to success.

Not only that, but here you'll find loads of information about the plans and programs people used to make their life-changing transformation. Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, South Beach, First Place, Pritikin, Jenny Craig, Thin Within -- they're all in here! You won't find this unique combination of inspiring stories and detailed plan information anywhere else. I've done the legwork for you.

In all, How We Did It examines about 30 popular plans and methods, including those that people devised to suit their own individual lifestyle, personality, spirituality or internal values. You're sure to find a plan that will work for you!

"What is most important about gaining health is finding the routine that works for you. Kennedy's book gives you the information you need to do exactly that.
An added plus is reading all of the encouraging stories.
If they can do it, so can you."

-- Joan Nienhuis, Book Reviews from an Avid Reader

Inspiring people you'll meet
in How We Did It

Pastor Robert Hartwell lost 100 pounds using NutriSystem

Vicki Silcox lost 77 pounds on the South Beach Diet

Together, Roger and Laura Freberg lost 179 pounds on Jenny Craig

Daniel Greenlees lost 70 pounds with the help of a personal trainer