Praise for
Even the Sound Waves
Obey Him

"You know something’s a hit when [my sons] want to continue experimenting in their free time. -- Karen Joy,

"Every Sunday School program should have this book!" -- Kris G., reviewer

"This is a fantastic, unique resource for the homeschooling mother or Sunday School teacher." -- Karen Reill, reviewer

"I have several Sunday school craft and activity books, and this one trumps them all... The activities use everyday items.... They are easy to do (10 min. or less) and WORK!!! Kids get bored with crafts every week and these activities break up the monotony. Boys especially love them. -- Amazon reviewer Kris G.

"Inexpensive and easy to find materials are required for these experiments. Instructions are excellent with illustrations included.... Each lesson is related to a particular lesson from the Bible. This works well for me as I teach science to 3-5 year olds in the mothers day out program at our church." -- Amazon reviewer Tommie Melinda

Even the Sound Waves Obey Him: Bible Stories Brought to Life with Science

Even the Sound Waves Obey Him

In this book, you'll find 44 simple science activities for very young children paired with timeless stories of the Christian faith. The activities require nothing more than household items and a few minutes of your time. Each lesson includes a materials list, directions and an explanation of the science. No science background needed!

Each activity page contains a Bible story told briefly and in simple language, and an accompanying lesson that will help children apply biblical truths to their lives, even at their young age. The science actity includes a materials list and step-by-step directions, along with an explanation of the science concept behind the activity.

Children of this age can't concentrate for very long, so in choosing the activities for this book, I looked for ones that could be accomplished in 10 to 15 minutes. Even so, the activities are a lot of fun: children can make their own butter, a magnifying glass, a kazoo, and a lava lamp, for example. Even your older children will enjoy these activities.

Each activity can be completed in just a few simple steps, and all materials can be safely used by children with adult supervision. And, you'll find everything you need around your house: water, spoons, coins, marbles, soda bottles, food coloring, balloons. No trips to a science supply store!