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Chicken Soup for the Soul:
Shaping the New You

A few years ago I decided it was time to gain control of my weight. I can't tell you why I knew it was time, but I did. I just plunged in -- literally! -- and started swimming laps and eating moderately. I didn't know how my story would end. I just hoped that by doing what I knew to be right something good would happen. And it did!

It didn't happen overnight -- four years and thousands of laps later! -- but I managed to drop 30 pounds. Trying on swimsuits that year, I felt almost dizzy taking size 10s into the dressing room!

But to put credit where credit is due, I truly believe it was my son who taught me how it's done. Becoming a mother enabled me to realize that 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there is time enough to accomplish something if you just keep at it. In a story for this Chicken Soup for the Soul collection, I tell you how this concept of "time enough" worked for me.

Me -- Before and After!