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Welcome, friends! 

Releasing Soon!

February 11, 2020 is my new favorite date! That's the day my book "Women Win the Vote! 19 for the 19th Amendment" releases from Norton Young Readers. 


When I had the idea for this book two years ago, I had no idea the finished book would be so delightful! My editors at Norton Young Readers had a vision for it that I never could have imagined. The book of profiles of 19 suffragists, both well known and little known, is illustrated with historic photos of the women, along with Katy Dockrill's charming drawings. The pages are in color and every one attractively designed. 


Of course, every author is uneasy until the first reviews start to trickle in. Publishers Weekly put my fears to rest! "The rousing spirit of Kennedy's writing and Dockrill's poster-like photo collages shine through," they wrote in their review. Kirkus also gave the book a thumbs up. "The minibiographies serve as succinct and interesting catalysts for readers to learn more about these and other women," they said.  Read More 

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