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Mom tries an "airing out"

Damaris Scalzi
A reader of Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Moms recently wrote to me with some encouraging words for parents of teens.

Damaris Scalzi was missing the communication she had with her son when he was younger. Now, as a teen, he was less willing to talk about his day. While Damaris knew this wasn't unusual for a teen boy, she wanted to restore some of the closeness they once had. Here's the approach she took, which she calls an "Airing Out." Read More 
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Great reviews pouring in for my moms!

As Mother's Day approaches, we're getting some great reviews of Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Moms. I'm so glad readers are enjoying these fifty stories from my wonderful moms!

Check out the reviews here:

Midwest Book Review (Small Press Bookwatch, Christian Studies shelf)

Mary Jenkins, The Power of Moms website

Glenn Dromgoole, the San Antonio (Texas) Standard-Times

Tammy G. of Tammy's Book Parlor  Read More 
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It's here!

Just when I was thinking it would be a week before my new book Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Moms would release, here it is!

In this book, you'll read stories from fifty moms -- from new moms to seasoned moms -- who share their most memorable moments of motherhood. From the hilarious to the heartbreaking, these stories reveal the depth of a mother's love and her delight at wearing the title of ''Mom.'' I even took the opportunity to tell a story about my own son. (Not sure he's excited about that!)

You can find the book at any online bookstore: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-a-Million, and more. Your local Barnes & Noble will have it or can order it for you. Same goes for your local Christian bookstore.

To meet some of the moms in the book, check out the book trailer here. I want my wonderful moms to have the widest possible audience, so spread the word!  Read More 
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Miracles & Moments of Grace... continued

The Miracles & Moments of Grace series will be expanding soon to include my latest title, Inspiring Stories from Moms.

As with my two other books in the series, the book is a collection of 50 inspiring first-person stories. Moms told me of their most poignant moments as mothers. I love each and every one of their stories, including -- I must say! -- my own, as I include a story about my son's lifelong love of the game of baseball.

To meet the moms in this book, you can sign onto Facebook and find them chatting here." "Like" the page and keep up with them until the book releases in March 2013. They're such a great group of women! I am privileged to share their stories with you.  Read More 
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