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Time to stock up

Christmas is coming! My first publisher, Concordia Publishing House , is having a super sale. Buy a book for only $4? You can do it!

Even the Sound Waves Obey Him and Make It, Shake It, Mix It Up, are each just $4 each, a big break from the usual $11.99 cost.

These two books pair science activities with stories of the Christian faith. You know all those arts and crafts activities you did in Sunday school years ago? Well, I wanted to provide a different way for kids to remember the stories we learned. Kids like my son who were bored by arts and crafts, but excited by simple science activities.

"Sound Waves" is geared toward children from pre-school age to second grade and "Make It, Shake It" takes over from second grade to upper elementary grades. Any of the activities can be done at any age with the guidance of an adult. Both books use everyday materials you'd find around the house and give step-by-step instructions and a brief explanation of the science behind the activity. "Make It, Shake It" adds a memory verse to the faith lesson, as well as more detailed explanations of the science at work.

Follow the links on the book titles and head on over to Concordia's website to order these books as gifts for parents of young children. Grandparents enjoy visiting with grandchildren armed with activities everyone will love. Even the Sound Waves Obey Him and Make It, Shake It, Mix It Up are books that will bring hours of enjoyment to curious young minds.  Read More 
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