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Signed books for the holidays

In my last post, I mentioned that during the month of December, my publisher is offering a 4-for-3 deal on books in the Miracles & Moments of Grace series. As they say on TV... But that's not all!

I would love to sign all the books you buy for yourself and your friends! Sadly, I can only live in one place. That doesn't mean I can't sign your book, though! My publisher has made up these lovely bookplates. They have a big, blank space for signing, and they adhere to the inside title page of the book.

So... if you would like signed bookplates, just send me a message through the Contact Me page on my website (at the top of the page) or via the e-mail link at the lower righthand column of this page.

You can tell me who you'd like me to sign the book to, even what wording you might like. I'm happy that we can offer this way to personalize the books in the series for you.
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