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A few good blog reviews

I've been so pleased to see Miracles and Moments of Grace getting some good reviews online. I'm especially pleased with the reviews from members of the military and their families. It means a lot to me to know that the book is bringing hope and comfort to military families, especially those have experienced or are experiencing deployment.

Let me share with you links to a few of the reviews. They tell you more about the stories in the book. I enjoy seeing how people appreciate and are touched by different stories in the book.

From Judy McCloskey of

From Lauren of Army Chaplains Wife.

From Cat of 5 Nuts in a Nutshell.

From Natasha of A Life Worth Living for Him.

Thank you everyone for your kind and generous reviews!  Read More 
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Corporal William Seo on Fox News

One of the stories in Miracles and Moments of Grace comes from Chaplain Steve Satterfield and Corporal William Seo. It's a very fun story of how CPL Seo convinced the actor Gary Sinise to come to Afghanistan to hand out school supplies with him to local schoolchildren.

Sinise has long been known for his dedication to our troops and the countries in which they are deployed. He and author Laura Hillenbrand (Seabiscuit, Unbroken) co-founded a nonprofit, Operation International Children, and he entertains troops with his Lt. Dan Band.

Yesterday, Fox News ran a segment on Sinise's new organization, The Gary Sinise Foundation, that will focus on military families and veterans in particular. In part of the segment, you can see Corporal Seo with Sinise, side by side.

For his part, CPL Seo started a nonprofit of his own, first called Project Help Afghanistan and now It is geared toward providing housing, education, medical and employment assistance to communities like those CPL Seo saw in Afganistan -- communities of poor families with no hope of supporting themselves. CPL Seo and his colleagues provide literacy classes, sewing machines and many other means of assistance to help people improve their lives.

Stop over at CPL Seo's website and see what you might want to do to help him out!  Read More 
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