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Welcome, friends! 

A graduation gift

The other day, Natasha, of the blog A Life Worth Living for Him, reviewed Miracles and Moments of Grace after receiving a review copy.

Natasha's husband Jeff is currently completing his studies and is training to be an Army chaplain. In an e-mail to me this morning, Natasha had this lovely story to tell me.

"After I read and reviewed your book, my husband decided he would like his own personal copy of it. We'd talked about it several times, but we had never made it to the store. Well, last night as we sat waiting for our church service to begin, I decided I would get him the book for his birthday this week.

Just then, an older widow friend of ours approached Jeff with a gift bag -- "a little something for graduating seminary," she said.

After the service, Jeff opened the bag -- it was your book! I think we both almost cried! Jeff was so excited, he rushed over to her to thank her and share with her 'our experience' with the book."

Thank you for sharing your story, Natasha. I'm glad Jeff has his own copy now. But I am sorry you have to come up with another idea for his birthday!  Read More 
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