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Welcome, friends! 

Snow dunes

I have got to get a digital camera! We visited family in Rochester, NY, over the weekend and took a walk along the frozen shores of Lake Ontario. I've never been a fan of the cold (moved away as soon as I could!), so I'd never seen Hamlin Beach in the winter.

The wind must come in off the lake and whip around in circular patterns. The beach was lined with conical "snow dunes" with carved-out interiors. It looked like a long line of snow forts! The "floors" of the forts had a few inches of snow piled up, so of course we immediately started in on a snow fight!

I've looked for photos of these snow dunes online but can't find any. I've resisted digital photography as I love film and my dad worked for Kodak for 30 years. I'm supporting his retirement every time I buy a roll of film! But I can see the beauty of digital. I could have posted photos on my blog now. But, NO! First, I have to go to CVS and have my photos put on a CD. It does seem kind of silly, doesn't it?  Read More 
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Frozen bubbles

We're having a cold snap here in the Northeast. The temperature has been in the teens (with wind chill) for over a week.

Even though I hate the cold, every time it gets this cold, I race outside to try a science activity I've had posted on my bulletin board for years. It never works! I want to blow soap bubbles that freeze as they fall. I think it has to be colder still.

If you live in an even colder climate than mine, would you try it for me? Head outside, stay out of the wind and blow a few bubbles. They should freeze before they fall, and then roll around on the ground.

Look at the amazing photos of frozen bubbles this talented photographer has captured. How beautiful they are!

If you're successful with this activity, let me know how it went. I think my husband and I will have to take a trip to the northern climes of Canada, Finland or Norway sometime. It's always been his dream to see the Northern Lights. I guess I'll have to go along, shivering and shaking, if I want to see these bubbles, too!  Read More 
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