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I Lost My Job

Recently, a magazine published my first-person piece of the ordeal our family endured after my husband was laid off from his job. Unfortunately, it's a great time to write about this topic.

In all the years that I've been writing, I've never gotten as much response as I have to this article. People have found me through my website, by e-mail and here on my blog. Everyone has a sad tale to tell. People are hurting, families are losing hope.

For a few months, you can find the article here at the magazine's website. I have also posted it on my website here, because the magazine is folding soon. (More job losses!)

If you want to tell your job loss story, I want to hear it. In the "Talk to Me" page of my website here, I've added a place for you to share your story. Reading other people's stories may bring you some comfort. You're not alone!  Read More 
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Review of "Make It, Shake It, Mix It Up"

I googled myself the other day... again. I'd heard from another writer that publishers often google a writer to see what sort of Internet presence he or she has. So, I thought I'd see what came up.

I stumbled across a terrific review of my book Make It, Shake It, Mix It Up on a bookstore website. Take a look at it here.

What amazed me about the review is that it was written by an employee of a Catholic bookstore. My two children's science activity and Bible story activity books are published by Concordia, the Missouri Synod Lutheran church's publishing arm. Meanwhile, I grew up in the Plymouth Brethren church and spent most of my life in nondenominational evangelical churches. At the moment, though, my family attends an independent Baptist church.

It makes me happy to see that books can cross all these theological lines that traditionally create barriers between churches. I've never liked the Us-vs.-Them nature of Christian denominations, although I know that differences are significant and some cannot be reconciled.

Even so, I'm glad that my books can be enjoyed and used by people of many faiths and beliefs. At one time, when my editor and I were trying to reconcile our own theological differences while in the editing process, she said that in her experience people use Concordia's books as a basis for their teaching and customize them individually to fit their beliefs. It seems she was absolutely right. Editors usually are!  Read More 
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