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Eggs on my mind

It's the end of the school year here, and my son is graduating elementary school. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of events... field trips, ceremonies, parties, parades.

Not every school is alike, I discovered. In the next town over, one of my son's friends has a very different end-of-school tradition. It has to do with science and I can't get it out of my mind!

Everyone in this child's school gets a shoebox and an egg. The egg is to be encased in the box, wrapped in whatever the child chooses (except for bubble wrap and packing peanuts... too easy!). The boxes are taken to the roof of the school and dropped to the sidewalk below. The idea is to wrap your egg to survive the fall. The contest goes through rounds until one final egg survives unbroken.

I have a sidewalk beneath my office window... hmmmm. Sounds like a great summer activity to me!  Read More 
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Kiss of the writer woman

In creating my website, I rummaged around on the internet looking for links to past stories of mine. They were few and far between!

That's not because I'm a slacker. It just seems that every publication I've ever written for has folded. Beware, anyone who contracts with me. You'll be out of business before too long!

It's becoming more depressing by the day to find that outlets for the written word continue to disappear. It's hard to keep your head up.

I should take a lesson from my son. A fifth-grader, Evan was supposed to enjoy a host of special activities this year to mark the end of his elementary school days and his new status as a middle-schooler.

Yet every special occasion has been rained out by this damp, wet spring. The D.A.R.E. picnic, field day, and today, Sesame Place. He was distraught on field day, trying to keep his equilibrium but barely holding on. As I sent him off in the rain today, though, he was cheerful and joking about how he'd just get wet at a water park anyway.

What an amazing turnaround! I wish I knew the secret. And, look, the sun is coming out even as I write this! Have fun, my fifth grader, and may you always deal with disappointment as you did today. Read More 
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Walker Chevrolet Redux

In my last post, I mourned the loss of our family's GM dealership, Walker Chevrolet of Sandy Lake, Pa. I loved the article that the Detroit News ran about the dealership, so I wrote a letter to the editor in thanks. They published it on Friday. Read it here.  Read More 
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Mourning a family loss

My folks asked me yesterday to print out a story from the Detroit News. None of us lives anywhere near Detroit, so what's the connection?

Last month, my family's Chevy dealership in Sandy Lake, Pa., got its pink slip from GM. Walker Chevrolet has been in my family since 1933; it was started by my grandmother's brother, Bud. It has remained in the hands of cousins through three generations.

This is a tremendous loss to our family, as well as to the town of Sandy Lake. I know that publicity alone cannot save a business, but I am thankful that Walker Chevrolet's impending closure has not gone unnoticed.

To read the story, which made the front page of the paper, click here.  Read More 
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