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A NAMI benefit

January 26, 2012

Tags: post traumatic distress

My local chapter of The National Alliance on Mental Illness is focusing on post-traumatic stress disorder this year. They will have monthly educational talks and hold benefits to aid the cause.

Over the weekend, a showing of a new play at McCarter Theater in Princeton was dedicated for the benefit of NAMI. After the play, The Convert, NAMI held a silent auction of donated items and experiences related to health and well-being.

I was thrilled to be contacted to donate copies of both Miracles and Moments of Grace and How We Did It, my new book of weight loss success stories. I even threw in a copy of the Chicken Soup book Shaping the New You, a book of encouraging stories about weight loss and fitness. One of the 101 stories is mine!

I hope the auction went well for NAMI and I wish this worthy organization all the best this year as they focus on post-traumatic stress. It's a huge issue for the milistary and chaplains play a much needed role in helping our troops cope with this debilitating illness.