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New edition of doctors' stories

June 4, 2015

Tags: Book release, MMG Doctors, Guideposts offer

Wonderful news! Guideposts has re-issued one of the books in the Miracles & Moments of Grace series. The inspirational publisher has put out a new edition of Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Doctors, the second title in my four-book series of inspirational stories. The Guideposts edition is part of a two-book hardcover set. The other book is Miracles in the ER by Dr. Robert Lesslie, an emergency room physician and a best-selling author.

I'm so happy that the fifty wonderful stories told by these doctors are gaining an ever-widening audience! I enjoyed writing the book and I know you'll enjoy reading it. To order the set, head on over to the Guideposts store. The two hardcover books are being offered for $18.96... a bargain!

It's here!

March 5, 2013

Tags: Stories from Moms, Book release

Just when I was thinking it would be a week before my new book Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Moms would release, here it is!

In this book, you'll read stories from fifty moms -- from new moms to seasoned moms -- who share their most memorable moments of motherhood. From the hilarious to the heartbreaking, these stories reveal the depth of a mother's love and her delight at wearing the title of ''Mom.'' I even took the opportunity to tell a story about my own son. (Not sure he's excited about that!)

You can find the book at any online bookstore: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-a-Million, and more. Your local Barnes & Noble will have it or can order it for you. Same goes for your local Christian bookstore.

To meet some of the moms in the book, check out the book trailer here. I want my wonderful moms to have the widest possible audience, so spread the word!

Doctors on the radio

April 17, 2012

Tags: Stories from doctors, Book release, Radio programs

Yesterday, radio station KNEO aired an interview with me about my new book, Miracles and Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Doctors. The host of the Authors Corner show, Andy Farmer, asked some great questions.

To find out more about my book, tune in to the show. You can listen to it here. Enjoy!

The big moment

February 23, 2011

Tags: Book release

The author gets a gift-wrapped copy!
The big day finally arrived! My publisher sent me a gift-wrapped copy of Miracles and Moments of Grace. The UPS guy did come through! I thought it was just a box of business cards, so I left it unopened all day on the kitchen table. I'm glad for that, though -- my husband and son got to share in the excitement of opening the box that evening.

I had a really odd reaction to seeing the book. I thought I would be excited about the big reveal, but instead I was terrified! After a quick glance and a few photos, I hastily packed it back up in the box and went on with getting dinner ready. What was that all about?!?

People often say that publishing a book is akin to childbirth, seeing your "baby" safely into the wider world. I didn't experience it that way at all, and I've been through childbirth, so I know! (There was no putting my son "back in the box," that's for sure!)

After I took the book out of the box again the next day, I came to realize that I just wanted to savor the moment of arrival without any reservations. I wanted the moment to be unsullied by my ever-critical brain. Having published hundreds of articles over the years, I understood that pretty quickly I was going to see something I didn't like -- a mistake, a typo, something I could have said better.

Sure enough, once I looked closely, I fixated on something I didn't like. A single typo. But, you know... I have to live with it. There is no perfection this side of heaven. I'm so pleased with this book -- and eager for all my chaplains to be pleased as well. I hope I have done them proud. That's what matters to me. It's not my baby; it's theirs.

West Coast gets first look

February 15, 2011

Tags: Book release

A friend of mine living in Oregon -- my long-ago college roommate -- says she got her copy of Miracles and Moments of Grace yesterday. I think she's the very first!

From what I understand, the distributor has a warehouse in Oregon, so that's why the West Coast is getting copies first. So, when does the author get to see her own book?!?

It's a big moment for an author, when the UPS guy drops that box of books on the front porch. I'll hear that THUD no matter where I am in the house, guaranteed!

Stories from the hooch

July 10, 2010

Tags: Chaplains in MMG, Book release

"Maam, Thanks for contacting me. Im currently sitting here in my hooch in Baghdad. It is nice to know someone wants to tell our stories."

These words of gratitude came to me from an Air Force chaplain deployed in Iraq last year. He had gotten word that I was writing a book of stories told by military chaplains, and he had one he wanted to tell me.

This chaplain's story is one of about 50 stories I'm telling in my book Miracles and Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Military Chaplains. My editor and I are working feverishly so my publisher, Leafwood Publishers, can meet the launch date of March 2011.

I've heard so many wonderful stories -- touching stories, heart-breaking stories, even funny stories. One chaplain talked down an armed homicidal soldier, and another composed a dying soldier's last letter to his family. One told me of how a simple Christmas card helped him overcome his homesickness in Korea. Another chaplain led a "whispered service" surrounded by the enemy in a Vietnamese jungle. One chaplain tells of being tracked down by the NCIS at the request of the woman who later became his wife!

Our military's chaplains are eyewitnesses to amazing displays of divine intervention, whether in small moments of grace or through events experienced as miraculous. It is these moments that I want to bring to life, so that these spiritual advisors and mentors to our nation's three million active and reserve duty military personnel can be recognized and celebrated.

I'll be blogging about my chaplains and their stories in the months to come. I'll also share some well-known and some lesser-known stories of chaplains whose brave and selfless actions landed them in the history books. I've never enjoyed writing anything as much as I have these stories. I can't wait for you to read them!