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The big moment

February 23, 2011

Tags: Book release

The author gets a gift-wrapped copy!
The big day finally arrived! My publisher sent me a gift-wrapped copy of Miracles and Moments of Grace. The UPS guy did come through! I thought it was just a box of business cards, so I left it unopened all day on the kitchen table. I'm glad for that, though -- my husband and son got to share in the excitement of opening the box that evening.

I had a really odd reaction to seeing the book. I thought I would be excited about the big reveal, but instead I was terrified! After a quick glance and a few photos, I hastily packed it back up in the box and went on with getting dinner ready. What was that all about?!?

People often say that publishing a book is akin to childbirth, seeing your "baby" safely into the wider world. I didn't experience it that way at all, and I've been through childbirth, so I know! (There was no putting my son "back in the box," that's for sure!)

After I took the book out of the box again the next day, I came to realize that I just wanted to savor the moment of arrival without any reservations. I wanted the moment to be unsullied by my ever-critical brain. Having published hundreds of articles over the years, I understood that pretty quickly I was going to see something I didn't like -- a mistake, a typo, something I could have said better.

Sure enough, once I looked closely, I fixated on something I didn't like. A single typo. But, you know... I have to live with it. There is no perfection this side of heaven. I'm so pleased with this book -- and eager for all my chaplains to be pleased as well. I hope I have done them proud. That's what matters to me. It's not my baby; it's theirs.