Praise for the New Miracles & Moments of Grace

“Miracles & Moments of Grace offers encouragement for our hearts and strength for our struggles. Written with clarity and with heart, these uplifting stories of overcoming and enduring provide a glimpse of God’s bigger picture, spurring us on to move forward in confident faith.”
—Leslie Haskin, 9/​11 survivor, speaker, and author of Between Heaven and Ground Zero

“These amazing stories of God’s intervention in the midst of desperate situations and heart-stopping moments remind us that miracles still happen. Come alongside the inspiring people in this book and experience the power, the presence, and the peace of God. Read. Be blessed. And believe!”
— Twila Belk, writer, speaker, and co-author with Cecil Murphey of I Believe in Healing and I Believe in Heaven

“Hope resonates through every story in this book. In the most dire situations, people have experienced miraculous survival, deepened faith, and a heightened sense of gratitude. Having almost touched the hand of God myself, I appreciate life in all its fullness. We are all here for a reason and have no reason to leave until God’s plan for our lives has been fulfilled.”
Tina Zahn, founder of Pilgrim Feet ministry and author of Why I Jumped

Praise for Miracles & Moments of Grace

"This book is filled with women who are heroes in the lives of others. Mothers experience undeniable miracles that bring them to the pinnacle of hope and happiness. Even in the struggles of motherhood, our lives are touched by miracles and grace."

—Colleen Swindoll-Thompson, author, speaker and director of special needs ministries for Insight for Living

"Miracles & Moments of Grace is an absolute treasure of wisdom. The beautiful voices that speak from the pages of this book remind us that there is meaning, purpose and joy in motherhood. This is a lovely book I would recommend to new moms, seasoned moms, moms-to-be, or anyone who wants to feel the majesty and grace of family life."

—April Perry, co-founder of The Power of Moms website, and co-author of Deliberate Motherhood

"Miracles & Moments of Grace pulls you in from the very first page, as Nancy shares moving stories from real-life moms who were able to see God's hand in their lives through the sweet, memorable moments and the tender, heartbreaking moments. For anyone who has embarked on the journey of the high calling of motherhood, this book will touch your heart."

—Tracie Miles, writer and speaker for Proverbs 31 Ministries and author of Stressed-Less Living

"Nancy Kennedy has done a beautiful job collecting stories of hope, love, hardship, joy, worry... or as we could simply say, motherhood."

—Mary Jenkins, The Power of Moms

Miracles and Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Moms

Praise for Miracles & Moments of Grace

This book looks beyond immediate medical needs to the spiritual care given by top doctors. It is a fresh revelation of the personal lives of doctors who have faith; a glimpse into their private world and the amazing God they choose to trust.

David Levy, MD, neurosurgeon and author of Gray Matter: A neurosurgeon discovers the power of patient at a time.

I believe that every doctor has at least one gripping story to tell. In this book, Nancy Kennedy chronicles dozens of these stories. Get ready to smile, to weep, and to praise God.

Robert Orr, MD, CM, senior fellow with The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity and author of Medical Ethics and the Faith Factor

These stories of doctors’ tender encounters with anxious and fearful patients shed light on the immense privilege of the doctor-patient relationship. After sharing in the experiences of these inspiring and faith-filled physicians, your doctor’s exam room will never seem a cold place again.

Walt Larimore, MD, medical director for Mission Medical Clinic and best-selling author of Bryson City Tales and Hazel Creek

Praise for Miracles & Moments of Grace

--Mission Capodanno

From Iqbal, the boy who lived through the southeast Asian tsunami aboard a Navy hospital ship, to the barracks in Lebanon where 241 Marines were killed in a 1983 suicide bombing to the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001, Kennedy relates 50 stories, recounted with humor and tenderness. -- Publishers Weekly

These candid accounts of remarkable luck and bloody catastrophe from dozens of noncombatant military men and women are moving and painful to read. Their stories have the brevity and terse eloquence of real and lived experience. -- Library Journal

This remarkable collection of first-person stories clearly shows the extent of God's love for us. God has protected, healed, provided strength, and shown his love through miracles. This book is a must read for anyone looking for the real source of strength and truth in life! -- Lt. Gen. Paul K. Carlton Jr., USAF, Retired; Professor of Surgery, Texas A&M University Health Science Center, Surgeon General of the Air Force (1999-2002)

Chaplains serve as a reminder of the holy, a bridge to the magnificent Holy Presence that defeats the horrors of war. These amazing stories reveal the drama of human tragedy magnified in military service and the ever-present, redeeming God in the midst of it all. -- Chaplain Maj. Gen. Lorraine K. Potter, USAF, Retired; Chief of the Air Force Chaplain Service (2001-2004)

I encourage those who care about soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines to read this profoundly stirring book. Ms. Kennedy has done a masterful job of weaving together these fascinating stories. I am reminded that God is present in unexpected ways in so many places. -- Chaplain Col. Edward T. Brogan, USAF, Retired; Director of the Presbyterian Council for Chaplains and Military Personnel

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Miracles and Moments of Grace

Release Day!

August 29, 2014

Tags: MMG Survival, Survival stories

On a summer day, when I was least expecting it, my book Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories of Survival released!

The whirl of activity is on! For now, I just wanted to let you know that the book is available on Amazon as well as other online outlets and bricks and mortar bookstores. And don't forget -- my publisher, Leafwood Publishers, is always ready to help you!

Stories of Survival... coming soon!

July 30, 2014

Tags: MMG Survival, Survival stories

My Miracles & Moments of Grace series keeps on rolling! In just a few weeks, the fourth title in the series, Inspiring Stories of Survival will hit bookshelves, both real and virtual.

In this book, as in the others in the series, I tell fifty inspiring true-life stories. The people in this book have faced extraordinary circumstances and found they had the faith, the courage, and the strength to survive. Caught in Hurricane Katrina, attacked by a lion, facing a gunman, trapped in a violent marriage, losing the self to Alzheimer's--in the midst of their trials, these brave people discovered that God provides the grace to persevere in the face of life's greatest challenges. The stories they tell make the heart race, yet they also reveal the sustaining power of deep courage and true faith.

Speaking about the book, Leslie Haskin says, "These uplifting stories offer encouragement for our hearts and strength for our struggles."

No one knows better than Leslie what it takes to survive. She survived the felling of the Twin Towers on 9/11, escaping from the 36th floor. She wrote about her experience in her book Between Heaven and Ground Zero. I greatly appreciate her support of my book.

I'll keep you updated here as release day approaches. Waiting is the hard part! I can't wait to share these inspiring stories with you.

A special offer for Memorial Day

May 21, 2014

Tags: Military chaplaincy, military chaplains, Memorial Day

I love when people express their gratitude to those who serve in the military in concrete ways. If we're at a restaurant, my husband will pick up the check of anyone in uniform or wearing a veteran's cap. I've seen many people reach out to shake the hand of a person in uniform. These little actions count big time!

My way of thanking those of you serving in the military is to offer the Kindle edition of my book, Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Military Chaplains for the special price of $2.99 from now until Memorial Day.

Head on over to Amazon to take advantage of this offer. I can't wait for you to read the stories of these wonderful chaplains who care for the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of our men and women in uniform.

Just in time for Mothers Day!

April 28, 2014

Tags: MMG Moms, Mothers Day

Still wondering what to get your mom or a mom friend for Mothers Day? My publisher, Leafwood, is offering my book, Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Moms for a special price of $9.99 now through Sunday, May 11.

In the book, you'll read fifty inspiring stories of motherhood -- stories that will touch your heart and lift your spirits. New moms, seasoned moms, moms with a great sense of humor, moms who know what you're going through. They're all in here!

Flowers will wilt, chocolates won't last (at least in my household!) but these lovely stories will remain in your heart forever. Follow the link to the publisher's page and when you put the book in your cart, the special price will pop up. Hope I've solved your gift dilemma!

Weight loss... it doesn't take a miracle!

January 8, 2014

Tags: Weight loss

Let me go off topic on the Miracles & Moments of Grace blog just for today. Between titles in this series, I wrote a book of weight loss success stories. I know, I know. It sounds trendy, trivial. But for me, weight loss was life-changing, and I want everyone to experience the, well... the miracle.

My book, How We Did It is on sale right now for just $2.99 for those who read on Kindles. Just $2.99 and you can hear from more than two dozen people who used every plan from Atkins to the Zone to succeed.

It doesn't take a miracle to lose weight. It takes determination and hard work. There, I said it. There's no magic pill. Reading blog after blog of people who wanted to lose weight but were struggling, I decided that instead, I wanted to talk to people who had succeeded. They'd have the answers, right?

Right! And I soon learned that there's no one right answer. After talking to those who had succeeded at losing anywhere from 20 pounds to 220 pounds, I found that the right answer depends on many variables. The bottom line is that you have to choose a plan that is not so much a diet but a way of eating and exercising that you can maintain for life.

And life without those extra pounds is grand! I made healthier choices at the table and swam laps to lose my 30 pounds. And I still make healthy choices and swim laps nine years later. "Dance with the one that brung ya," said one person in my book. Wise words indeed!

Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

December 11, 2013

It's time for gift-giving and my publisher has a great deal for you! For the month of December, buy any two copies of books in the Miracles & Moments of Grace series and get a third book free!

Not only that, but shipping on all orders (more…)

Good things come in threes

November 19, 2013

The Miracles and Moments of Grace series keeps growing! The trio makes a great Christmas gift. Three books--150 stories! It all adds up to hours of great reading. Who's on your list?

Welcome, friends!

July 17, 2013

Welcome! If you're arriving here today after reading Tracie Miles's post on Summer Survival and Mommy Guilt, I'm glad you've stopped by. I hope you win a copy of my book, Miracles and Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Moms in her giveaway!

In the book, you'll hear from fifty women who have taken on the most challenging role of their lives--motherhood! You'll hear about the sweet, tender moments only a mom can experience. You'll also walk side-by-side with brave women who have had to endure the most heartbreaking moments of their lives.

Whatever path you're walking, these fifty stories will speak to your heart. You'll see yourself in these pages and realize you're not alone. You'll weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. I wrote this book for all of us who have begun the great adventure that is motherhood!

Writers guidelines for survival book

April 23, 2013

Tags: Writers Guidelines, Survival stories

I had a request from a writer looking for guidelines for my latest book in the Miracles & Moments of Grace series, Inspiring Stories of Survival. She was looking on my website and -- lo and behold! -- they weren't there. Big omission on my part!

So here they are, the guidelines. I hope you have a story to submit!

Miracles & Moments of Grace Writers Guidelines

Miracles & Moments of Grace is an anthology series published by Leafwood Publishers (Abilene, Texas). Nancy B. Kennedy is the series editor. Thus far, the series comprises three titles: Inspiring Stories from Military Chaplains (2011), Inspiring Stories from Doctors (2012) and Inspiring Stories from Moms (2013).

The fourth book in the series is subtitled Inspiring Stories of Survival and will release in 2014. The book will contain fifty brief stories.

Survival can mean many things: medical crises, a difficult childbirth, military experiences, marriages that survive tragedy, accident or crime victims, adventure stories (e.g., hikers lost in a storm), personal triumph, etc. We are also looking for softer stories or humor pieces.

The stories are similar to Chicken Soup for the Soul stories in that they evoke powerful emotions in readers. Their writers guidelines are here. They are true stories told in the first person and run about 800-1,000 words. Many storytellers speak of miracles, and expressions of faith are welcome, although not required.

To read some sample stories, "Click to Look Inside" on the Amazon pages of books in the series:

Although writers are welcome to contribute, no one has to be a writer to participate. Nancy writes many of the stories herself. The stories have varied origins: excerpts from books, expanded blog posts, reprints, original work, ghostwritten pieces, or just about any iteration of collaboration you can name. Leafwood Publishers cannot offer compensation but will send you a copy of the book when it is released and offers a discount to contributors who wish to buy additional copies. Also, the brief bio that follows each story is a great place to bring attention to other writing credits, books, blogs, careers, volunteer work and ministries. Nancy also talks up her contributors on her social media sites.

The deadline for stories has not been set, as the exact publication date is not yet known. Stories will be accepted for at least the next five or six months. Of course, the sooner the better! To submit a story or an idea for the book, please contact Nancy B. Kennedy at Thank you for considering the Miracles & Moments of Grace series.

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