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Welcome, friends! 

Releasing Soon!

February 11, 2020 is my new favorite date! That's the day my book "Women Win the Vote! 19 for the 19th Amendment" releases from Norton Young Readers. 


When I had the idea for this book two years ago, I had no idea the finished book would be so delightful! My editors at Norton Young Readers had a vision for it that I never could have imagined. The book of profiles of 19 suffragists, both well known and little known, is illustrated with historic photos of the women, along with Katy Dockrill's charming drawings. The pages are in color and every one attractively designed. 


Of course, every author is uneasy until the first reviews start to trickle in. Publishers Weekly put my fears to rest! "The rousing spirit of Kennedy's writing and Dockrill's poster-like photo collages shine through," they wrote in their review. Kirkus also gave the book a thumbs up. "The minibiographies serve as succinct and interesting catalysts for readers to learn more about these and other women," they said.  Read More 

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Suffrage book in the works!

I have such great news to share! I spent all of 2018 holed up in my office, writing a book that I hoped a publisher would want. I don't usually write a book before I have a contract, but this was a special case.

Looking at the calendar in February last year, I realized that a very exciting 100-year anniversary was coming up in 2020. In 1920, American women won a grueling 72-year battle to gain the vote for themselves. It was an epic struggle that culminated in physical violence against women demanding their right as citizens to vote. They were jailed and grossly mistreated in prison. They went on hunger strikes in a bold attempt to bring attention to the cause, and they were brutally force fed. The horror of their treatment finally registered with the public and sentiment swung their way.

I wanted to get in on this momentous anniversary! Books have already started releasing, and time was running out to get one in under the wire. But I saw a way to get the story to the young, middle-grade reader -- children ages 9-13 who encounter the suffrage battle in school in those years.

My book, titled "Women Win the Vote! 19 Heroes of the 19th Amendment," introduces readers to the valiant women who gave their all to the fight. In January 2020, the book will release from W.W. Norton's Young Readers imprint. Editors and illustrators are already hard at work on the manuscript!  Read More 

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Exciting work-in-progress

Natural disasters dominated the headlines last year -- hurricanes, floods, fires and destruction in Texas, Florida, California and Puerto Rico. Because of my work-in-progress, I knew that one man arrived on the disaster scene every time: Gary LeBlanc of Mercy Chefs.  Read More 

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An author's dream review

Some of my author friends are strong enough not to read reviews of their books. Me? I read every single word of every single review. If it's out there, I want to know about it. If it's a good review, it makes my day. If it's a bad review, I just consider the reviewer's comments to be editorial guidance for me going forward. The other day, I was fortunate enough to get one of those good -- and I mean, really good -- reviews.  Read More 

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Time to stock up

Christmas is coming! My first publisher, Concordia Publishing House , is having a super sale. Buy a book for only $4? You can do it!
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And now for something completely different...

The time has come in our household -- our son is going off to college next year. We've been preparing for this event for about two years. Really! Maybe it seems excessive to you, but here in the Northeast, the college search is practically an Olympic sport.  Read More 

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New edition of doctors' stories

Wonderful news! Guideposts has re-issued one of the books in the Miracles & Moments of Grace series. The inspirational publisher has put out a new edition of Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Doctors. The Guideposts edition is part of a two-book hardcover set with Miracles in the ER by Dr. Robert Lesslie, an emergency room physician and a best-selling author.  Read More 

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Book Chat... Save the Date!

My latest book chat is coming up soon!

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Signed books for the holidays

In my last post, I mentioned that during the month of December, my publisher is offering a 4-for-3 deal on books in the Miracles & Moments of Grace series. As they say on TV... But that's not all!   Read More 

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Buy-3-Get-1 deal!

Just in time for holiday gift-giving! My publisher is offering a Buy-3-Get-1 deal on my Miracles & Moments of Grace series of inspiring true stories.

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